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Niko Javakhishvili


Among the native Georgian feudal houses, the Gamkrelidzes used to hold an honorable place as one of the noble (in georgian – aznauri) houses of the Kingdom of Georgia.

The Gamkrelidze family, which is now widespread throughout Georgia, originated from Racha region. As of February 1, 1995, there were 1643 Gamkrelidzes living in Georgia, of which 757 lived in Tbilisi and the rest 886 – in the regions of Georgia: Svaneti, Imereti, Kartli, Kakheti and Samegrelo.

The present work is the first attempt to study the past of this family and the history of its prominent representatives.

It is divided into ten parts: 1) The origin and the initial settlement area of the Gamkrelidzes – Racha; 2) Imereti branches of the Gamkrelidzes; 3) Kvemo Kartli branch of the Gamkrelidzes – the Shanshiashvilis; 4) Shida Kartli branch of the Gamkrelidzes; 5) Kakheti branches of the Gamkrelidzes; 6) Samegrelo branches of the Gamkrelidzes; 7) Composition of noble Gamkrelidze
families in middle of the 19th century; 8) The representatives of the Gamkrelidzes and Shanshiashvilis, as reflected in 19th century Georgian literature; 9) Prominent representatives of the Gamkrelidze house after the end of 19th century); 10) Present day number of the Gamkrelidzes and their settlement area.

Published: Aug 25, 2021

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